A Repository of Information about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

(Also known as ACA, PPACA, Obamacare, Public Law 111-148 & H.R. 3590)

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About this website

This site began with my attempt to understand the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the laws and regulations related to it.

The documents provided by the government are massive, ungainly, confusingly formatted, and difficult to use. In particular, law sections mandated at one point in the text may be amended in their turn by later sections of the law, so one can't rely on the text unless one has searched the entire bill for possible amendments.

The only way to be sure you see the latest version with all the amendments applied, is to look at the sections as codified in the United States Code, in their various scattered locations.

Therefore, I have therefore prettified and hyperlinked the Table of Contents of the law, and instead of linking to the law itself, I have provided links from the Table of Contents to each section as codified at the Cornell U.S.C. website. I have done that for what seemed the most important sections, and the rest will be done as time allows, and as users of this site request.

I have also provided the full, ugly text of each Title of the bill itself, which can be used to search for sections which have not yet been linked to the US Code. This can be reached by clicking on the Heading line of each Title of the bill.

There is much public misunderstanding of what the bill actually says, and some misinformation spread by opponents of the bill. I hope that making the text available in a reasonably user-friendly form will alleviate those problems. I would also like to post nicely formated and hyperlinked copies of the legislation each state passes to implement the Health Insurance Exchanges and other reforms suggested by ACA.

I have started with California. The bills were recently passed, and, as of this writing, the codified version have not appeared on the California leginfo website. Instead I have highlighted in yellow the actual text of the codes as amended.

I will be happy to post ACA-related legislation from other states, as users of this site send them to me..

I would also hope to post links to agencies around the country which will help people who have trouble with PPACA snafus. I am afraid that there are too many lawyers for me to offer to post a list of lawyers who will be handling this type of case.

Please contact me at hsfrey at harp dot org with requests and suggestions and, if you are offended by the stodgy, antiquated appearance of this site, offers of design assistance.

Harvey S. Frey MD PhD JD

Federal Legislation

State Legislation supporting ACA Requirements